Appointment Booking System

Easy Appointment Scheduling for Businesses: Simplify Bookings, Boost Revenue!

Ready to revolutionise your business and give your revenue a healthy boost? Our cutting-edge appointment booking platform is just what your business needs to streamline schedules and enhance customer engagement.

Bid farewell to the old-school diary management and welcome a world where managing bookings are a breeze, reminders are automatic, and your clientele can easily book their spot with just a few clicks, at their own time. Our system is not just about filling up your calendar; it's about giving you the power to manage your business with finescale precision.
Dive into the simplicity of our software solution and watch as it transforms the way you operate. Try our software today and discover the smarter way to schedule with Apptech

Effortless Appointment Scheduling Tools: Automate Your Business with Our Sophisticated Features

Discover the power of our innovative software, designed to integrate seamlessly to your business processes. From proccessing bookings to scheduling automation , unlock a suite of efficient tools to enhance your business operations.

Maximize Revenue and Cost Savings with Our Appointment Booking System

Offer your customer the convenience of confirming appointment 24/7, check availability instantly , manage class bookings and pay online with our all-in-one system. Save time and hassle for both you and your customers by completing the entire booking process in a single step.

Round-the-Clock Booking

Never miss a client, our online scheduling empowers your customers to manage appointments anytime, anywhere— even outside of regular working hours. With our 24/7 capability, your services are always just a few clicks away, ensuring that your business never misses an opportunity to meet client needs

Prevent No-Shows with Automated Email and SMS Reminders

Our system's automated email and SMS notifications keep no-shows to a minimum by providing timely confirmations and email reminders for every booking. Enjoy the convenience of synchronized appointments across all devices and integration with leading online calendars such as Google Calendar, ensuring you can keep ahead of your client appointments, wherever you are.

Booking Notification via Email and SMS

Experience seamless booking confirmation through email and SMS. Our automated system ensures clients receive timely appointment reminders through email and SMS.

Booking Notification via Whatapps

Leverage WhatsApp for appointment reminders to capitalize on its high open rates, engaging two-way communication, multimedia support, and cost efficiency, ensuring clients stay informed and connected to your service.

Ensure Client Satisfaction

Improve customer satisfaction by providing a convenient, efficient, and personalized booking experience. Customers appreciate the flexibility to book appointments at their own time and pace, from anywhere. Appointment booking systems can also help to reduce wait times and improve response time between businesses and customers.

Add on Services

Explore additional services your business needs to take your experience to the next level.

Setup Recurring Booking or Block Book

Effortlessly manage your appointments by setting up recurring bookings or blocking time slots.

Ease of Reschedule and Cancellation

Let clients book and enjoy the convenience of easily rescheduling or canceling appointments.

E-commerce and Shopping Cart Checkout

Set up your online store to accept payment, offer memberships, product packages, gift cards, free items, and various additional products for a seamless shopping experience.

Ensuring Payment Security for All Transactions

Offer a secure and contactless payment process to safeguard all transactions.

Collect credit card payments on Booking

Easily receive payments through credit cards for your services. we integrate to major payment gateways with international payment options cybersecurity features to ensure the security of client information.

Flexible payment options

Secure funds on the credit card before actual deduction on booking date

Scan and Pay Process with PayNow QQ

Effortlessly process payments by scanning the generated QR code for a streamlined experience.

Record Cash Payment

Accepts payments via cash and record in our payment systems for full record keeping purpose.

Improve Your Brand Image

Improve brand image by making it easy and convenient for customers to book appointments, streamlining the scheduling process, and reducing manual errors. This shows customers that your business is customer-centric, efficient, organized, and professional. Additionally, a well-designed and user-friendly booking system can create a consistent brand experience for customers, which can lead to increased customer confidence, loyalty, and recommendations.

Custom Domain (

Branded Customer Booking Page

Branded Email and SMS notifications

Apptech Appointment Booking System For Service Businesses

Unlock the potential of your appointment booking service with AppTech Software. Our easy-to-use software is the choice of wide range of businesses across different industries. Our simple and yet powerful features is like your automated office assistant, so you can focus on what you do best: serving your customers.

Beauty and Wellness

Beauty and Wellness

As a health and wellness business owner, you know that keeping appointments filled is essential to your success. But it can be difficult to keep track of your calendar, and even more difficult to reduce no-shows and encourage repeat business.
Here are some features that can help.

Package management
Manage contracts with bookings for your treatments, making it easy for customers to purchase multiple treatments at once.

Automated reminders.
Reduce no-shows and ensure that your appointments are always filled by sending reminders to client via email and SMS

Encourage repeat business
By sending targeted email campaigns and offering loyalty points for repeat appointments. This helps to keep your customers coming back for more and build steady client base

Maintain Steady Client Base.
Reward your loyal customers with a built-in loyalty program that allows them to earn points for each appointment they book and redeem those points for discounts on future appointments..



As a sport and coaching business owner, scheduling appointments and managing your class bookings can be very time consuming. You have to deal with customer inquiries, cancellations, and rescheduling requests, all while trying to keep your class bookings filled.

Our online scheduling tool take the headache out of class management. Setup scheduling rules to automate the manual tasks so you can free up your time to focus on coaching and teaching.

Here are just a few of the ways our software can help you:

Reduce administrative time by 50% or more.
Our software automates many of the tasks involved in class management, such as sending appointment reminders, managing cancellations and rescheduling requests, and tracking attendance.

Increase revenue
Our software makes it easy for customers to book appointments and process payments for sports lessons. Email confirmation reduces no-shows, which means you'll generate more revenue from your classes.

Medical and Health

Medical and Health

As a medical or clinic business owner, you know that scheduling appointments and managing your patient flow can be challenging. This can be especially if you're struggling to hire nurses , as you may have to rely on them to take on administrative tasks such as scheduling and patient management. Free up your nurses to focus on what they do best: providing patient care.

Our software is easy to use and automates many of the tasks involved in scheduling and patient management, such as:

Sending automated reminders on upcoming appointments
Accept payment via credit cards

Managing cancellations and rescheduling requests
These can save your nurses hours of time each week. This means they can spend more time providing patient care, which can lead to improved patient outcomes and satisfaction

Sign up for a free trial today and see how our appointment booking software can help you streamline your medical or clinic business and free up your nurses to focus on patient care



As an education business owner, you know that managing class bookings can be a challenge. This is especially true if you're struggling to hire staff and your manual scheduling process is error-prone. Group class booking can be particularly difficult to manage, with students opting in and out all the time. And without a system to upsell packages, you're missing out on potential revenue.

Our appointment booking software can help you solve all of these problems. It's easy to use and automates many of the tasks involved in scheduling and bookings, such as:
Sending automated reminders on upcoming appointments

Accept payment via credit cards
Managing cancellations and rescheduling requests
Our software can also help you to upsell packages to students and parents. This can help you to increase your revenue and improve customer satisfaction.

In addition, our software can help you to manage class booking more effectively. You can use smart scheduling software to track student attend...

Retail business

Retail businesses often grapple with the challenges of efficient customer flow management, balancing walk-ins with pre-arranged appointments, and providing personalized attention without incurring long wait times. A smart scheduling software can revolutionize the retail experience by enabling customers to book specific time slots for services such as personal shopping sessions, fitting appointments, or technical support for electronics.

Use cases include:

In-Store Service Bookings
For stores offering services like repairs or customizations, customers can book times to drop off and pick up items, smoothing out service delivery.

Event Management
When hosting product launches or special events, retailers can manage attendee numbers and provide VIP customers with reserved slots.

Queue Management
During peak hours or sale periods, managing walkin traffic with pre-booked appointments can drastically reduce wait times and enhance customer satisfaction.

By implementing such a system, retailers can address common pain points like overbooking, understaffing, and unpredictable customer flow, ultimately enhancing the shopping experience and increasing sales opportunities

Hair Salon business

Hair Salon business

Salons encounter unique operational challenges such as appointment no-shows, managing peak hour rushes, and ensuring each client receives the right amount of attention for their chosen services. A smart scheduling softare tailored for salons can streamline their processes, improve client management, and enhance the overall customer experience.

Use cases for a salon might include

Stylist Appointments
Clients can book sessions with their preferred stylists, ensuring they get the personalized service they desire.

Service-Specific Timing
Different services require varying amounts of time, and the system can allocate appropriate slots, for example, longer for color treatments than trims.

Queue Management
By allowing clients to book in advance, the system can minimize wait times and manage walk-in clients more effectively, creating a smoother flow of service throughout the day. This also helps in anticipating busy periods and arranging staff shifts accordingly.

A booking system also helps salons manage their client base more effectively by storing customer preferences and visit history, enabling tailored service recommendations. Additionally, it reduces the back-and-forth communication typically needed to book, confirm, or reschedule appointments, which is a boon for both the salon and its clientele

Beyond Your Typical Software

Discover the exceptional capabilities of our automated booking system with additional add ons and premium features which goes above and beyond standard offerings to revolutionize your appointment booking service with unmatched ease and effciency. For our portfolio.

AI powered Staff roostering solution

Introducing our intelligent roostering solution that ensures optimal scheduling for your team members. With cutting-edge automation, our software plans the monthly staff roster, distributing shifts evenly and optimizing workloads. Say goodbye to the hassles of manual planning and embrace a fair distributed schedule that aligns with your staff's needs and your business goals. Experience the efficiency in staff scheduling, where every team member's time is valued and balanced.

Setup for A Range of Businesses

Effortlessly manage service listings and multiple locations for various businesses within your applications.

Online Form Completion for Customers

Simplify the process of managing listings and locations for a diverse range of businesses using your applications.

Waitlist feature

Discover the convenience of our waitlist feature for efficient appointment management and helpful for class bookings where clients book in or opt out.

Seize Total Control of Your Business

Experience the ultimate smart scheduling software. With just a few clicks, you'll gain complete control over your scheduling and appointment management.

Integration to App and Website Made Easy

Effortlessly integrate our system into any app or website for an online scheduling tool. Enjoy cross-device compatibility for a smooth user experience.

Customize Appointments' Cancellation Policies

Put control in your hands. Easily customize your appointment cancellation policies to align with your business needs and client expectations. Setup custom cancellation policy, handle late cancellation and configure cancellation fee.

Avoid Double Book

Our software validates booking records at the time of booking to ensure that double bookings are a thing of the past, preventing scheduling conflicts and providing each client with the attention they deserve.

Custom Domain

Tailor your customer-facing booking page URL to match your brand, enhancing your business's professional image and making it easier for clients to find and book your services online.

Management of Bookings in A Dashboard

Effortlessly filter and manage appointment details and client details through our intuitive and user-friendly dashboard.

Appear Occupied Option

Enhance your business presence with our "Appear Occupied" option. Automatically conceal available time slots to create a sense of demand and boost conversions.

Auto-assign feature

Optimize your scheduling by using our Auto-Assign feature. Auto-Assign new bookings to the least busy staff member automatically, ensuring efficient allocation of resources.

Multiple availability checks

Our system enables the setup of multiple business locations and service providers, conducting calendar availability checks to determine open slots across different schedules.

Book Early Reminder

Encourage customers to book soon and early before missing out on their slots.

Email Marketing Made Simple

Craft your email marketing campaigns effortlessly with our user-friendly drag-and-drop email editor with pre-built email templates.

Backend Admin Console for a Calendar View of Appointments and Effortless Business Management

Effortlessly manage your business using our intuitive backend admin console, providing a calendar view of appointments. Tailor your time slots with flexible configurations and create custom scheduling rules.

Appointment Scheduling Made Simple With Our Process

We help a wide range of companies big and small to setup and custom-fit your very own appointment system. Our seasoned crew is all set to tune into your unique demands, tailoring a customer experience that’s just the right fit for you and your clientele – improving your appointment booking service, one click at a

Appointment Scheduling Made Simple With Our Process
Kickoff Client Discussion
Step 1

Kickoff Client Discussion

Speak with our skilled team to understand our appointment planning software better. If you have more business needs, you can discuss them in the first client meeting to explore possible solutions.
Crafting Solutions Proposal
Step 2

Crafting Solutions Proposal

After our discussion, we move on to proposing solutions. This step is crucial when considering extra features for your appointment booking app. We're here to make it all work seamlessly for you.
Account Setup
Step 3

Account Setup

To get started with your appointment booking system, you'll use the backend admin console. Here, you can input the key details, like your appointment schedule, business logic rules, business locations, and payment gateway setup.
Setup Scheduling and Cancellation Rules
Step 4

Setup Scheduling and Cancellation Rules

Now, you're in control. Setup scheduling rules and cancellation rules, you can easily decide how appointments are scheduled and canceled with cancellation fees applied automatically. Our software lets you configure complex booking rules that work just right for your business.
Setup any Add on Services
Step 5

Setup any Add on Services

In this step, we help you easily include extra services. Whether it's unique features or additional services, it's about giving your customer more to gain the competitive advantage. Perfect for the complex service-based business.
Customize Customer Facing Page
Step 6

Customize Customer Facing Page

Setup custom schedule and personalize your customer facing page to match your brand by selecting the images, themes, and a color and font scheme that aligns with your brand identity and provide a streamlined interface for your client.
Embrace The Efficiency of Automation
Step 7

Embrace The Efficiency of Automation

Now that everything is ready, It's time to introduce your clients to the transformative power of our appointment scheduling App. They can effortlessly select their ideal times, secure instant booking confirmations, receive timely reminders, complete online payments, and explore products at their leisure. Meanwhile, you can revel in the streamlined operations and more business from customers.

What Clients Say About Our Appointment Software

What Clients Say About Our Appointment Software
This booking platform has been a game-changer for our biz. Appointments are packed neatly back-to-back, and our customers love the ease. Seriously, couldn’t run the shop without it.
Caleb Tan
Since we got on board with this booking tech, our service slots are booked solid and the business has never been brisker. Our revenue's up and the hassle's down – this system's a win!.
Mr Kelvin Goh
Since we've integrated this system, it's nothing but rave reviews from our customers. They book, we prepare, and it all §ows like clockwork. It's the boost we needed. Apptech team is helpful as always to support us
Ms Cindy Lim

Why is AppTech Smart Scheduling Software The Key to Hassle-Free Scheduling?

Experience the AppTech system's booking feature – your secret to effortless and effcient appointment management. Discover why it's the ultimate solution for hassle-free scheduling offering convenice at click of booking button

Years of experience in designing applications

Years of experience in designing applications

Leveraging years of software development expertise, we've honed this app into a robust, user-friendly platform. Our experience has shaped a forward-thinking booking solution that's not just about meeting today's needs but also anticipating tomorrow's challenges, ensuring a scalable and intuitive experience.

User-Centric Design

User-Centric Design

User-centric design prioritizes the user's needs, leading to streamlined interface and accessible software. We solicit and adopt continuous user feedback and testing, ensuring the software evolves to enhance user satisfaction and loyalty.



Our software employs robust security measures, including SSL encryption, two-factor authentication, and regular vulnerability assessments, to safeguard data integrity ensuring a secure user experience and proper control staff permissions.

Mobile Optimization

Mobile Optimization

We optimized for mobile devices, ensuring customers can effortlessly manage bookings on-the-go, with a responsive interface that adapts to different screen sizes for a seamless experience across all smartphones and tablets.

Ongoing Support and Training

Ongoing Support and Training

Our team offers comprehensive support for the software, including troubleshooting, regular updates, and user assistance to ensure smooth operation and address any issues swiftly, ensuring your business runs uninterrupted.

Features Update

Features Update

Regular updates that refine features, fix bugs, and introduce innovative functionalities keep the software ahead of the curve.



We built to scale, meaning it can handle an increasing number of appointments and users with stability, ensuring as your business grows, the system expands to meet heightened demands without compromising performance or user experience.

Client App

Client App

Our mobile booking app offers clients the convenience of managing appointments and receiving notifications directly from their smartphones, increasing client engagement.

Full-Featured Appointment Booking Tool for Businesses – Get Started Now!

Experience AppTech Software, your solution for stress-free business management. Say goodbye to manual calendar entries and cater to your customer needs

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